Interior Design Sign Standards

Interior Design Sign Standards (UMIDSS)

The purpose of Campus Interior Sign Design Standards is to establish a uniform interior system of wayfinding and signage throughout the University of Miami campus buildings and facilities. The designs and layouts within advance the sign guidelines created for the University of Miami Medical Campus in 2000.

The current campus interior sign program is a blend of multiple styles, materials, colors and sizes. The intent of these guidelines is that a single sign system and/or philosophy will be adopted and implemented into each campus facility.

The Campus Interior Sign Design Standards present a unified interior sign system, consisting of a series of hierarchical sign types that possess both consistent graphic identity and content delivery, display and reinforce University branding, and strengthen campus unity. Additionally, these guidelines improve upon the quality and function of some of the existing signage, meet current ADA requirements, and provide design and layout guidelines for major elements of the system depicting sizes, materials, colors, graphics, and methods of fabrication.